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Home. What does it mean to you? Please enjoy hearing about a few of our Residents who love calling The Vineyards California Armenian Home their home.


Alvin is posing with a Superman attitude for a good reason. As an Independent Living Vineyards resident who had a scheduled procedure recently, having our California Armenian Home Skilled Nursing Facility right here on campus was a beautiful solution. He was able to stay longer and get stronger before returning to his IL apartment.

Short term rehabilitation and skilled nursing options are available @ 559-251-8414.

Alvin – The Vineyards Resident

Ann J. is a Vineyards Villa resident, a proud mother of six, a retired teacher, and a Registered Nurse. Recently, she required a short-term stay in our California Armenian Home Skilled Nursing Facility following a “Tune-Up”.

“I felt safe and well-cared for during my 10-day stay. The response when I needed anything was always timely. I never felt as though I was putting anyone out. The people were all so pleasant. The food was good! My Physical Therapy team was wonderful. I encourage anyone who is needing a short-term rehab stay to connect with Cathy at The California Armenian Home.”

– Ann J.


I have lived in the Sunnyside neighborhood for 40 years.

After a health issue and looking around my 2,000 square foot home, I knew I wanted to make a change.

My wonderful financial planner encouraged me to explore different senior communities. One felt too snobbish. One felt too big.

The day I decided that I was going to make the move to The Vineyards, I immediately knew I had made the right decision.

In fact, the day I packed up my car with my first load of boxes and drove over to drop them off, I felt as though a load had been lifted from my shoulders.

I love this area. Every day I can see the mountains, the sunset, the sunrise.

I love my Villa. It is a quiet little house. The floorplan is awesome. It is just the perfect size. It has everything I need. Including the little yard.

It feels like home. It is home!

I just love it!

Willie V. – The Vineyards Resident

Marlene is delighted to have the security and ease of a private mail box as well as the option to have staff sign and delivery larger packages. Marlene-Villa Resident

Marlene – The Vineyards Resident

Agnes has a smile that lights up any room. She enjoys the freedom of walking through the park under 70 year old trees combined with the safety of smooth pathways and care staff nearby.

Agnes – The Vineyards Resident

Edith believes in the power of the puzzle They bring people together and help us expereince the thrill of accomplishment.

Edith – The Vineyards Resident

Erma is one of our active gardeners who continue to enhance the beauty of the world with their green thumbs.

Erma – The Vineyards Resident

Eva This classy lady and former skater’s secret to youth is daily exercise and lots of laughter.

Eva – The Vineyards Resident

Helen shows off the generational beauty in her family with this photo her mom and herself as a child.

Helen – The Vineyards Resident

Jerry R has the gift of creativity. His handcrafted cards are a welcome gift to neighbors and staff.

Jerry – The Vineyards Resident

Kay is a natural ambassador Her warm sense of humor and welcoming manner is a gift at events and daily gatherings.

Kay – The Vineyards Resident

Kimi carries herself with strength and grace; especially during her daily workouts in the Resident gym.

Kimi – The Vineyards Resident

Larry E enjoys the finer things in life. Good people and good food… like an All American hotdog with all the fixings.

Larry – The Vineyards Resident

Lyman and Marlene know how to represent when it comes to wearing their Bulldog Red.

Lyman and Marlene – The Vineyards Residents

Marilyn shines with the lightness that happens when we are able to celebrate the little joys and the the big triumphs.

Marilyn – The Vineyards Resident

Ruth knows the value of sitting, talking, and creating friendships. Having several knitting, reading,  game,  and hobby clubs gives residents many opportunities to learn.

Ruth – The Vineyards Resident

My care at the Armenian Home has been second to none. The caring staff showed such empathy 4 especially Nav, Bai, Jeslyn, and Adriana. The admissions director Cathy was so welcoming and helpful. The physical therapy department is the best so kind and welcoming and so very helpful. They gave me great workouts and were very encouraging. My good friend Melanie came to check on me often and brought me special things. Overall, I can’t say enough about my stay at the Armenian home. Amy you were great too.

John Taylor – The Vineyards Resident