RCFE #100400070 | PCOA #319

Join us as we celebrate our residents who are 100+ years old. Read what they have to share on longevity and enjoyment of life.

Margaret Parsons.

My name is Margaret Parsons. I was born in 1919, born into a small community called Yettam California but grew up in Visalia, growing up it consisted of just working on a farm with my family, we picked grapes, peaches, packed raisins, during that era we had no technology, so we made the best of what we had. My favorite memory was when I was in an Acapella group in high school and we would travel to some places and sing. I eventually became a Cosmetologist for many years, which I loved doing. If I had to tell you a secret of longevity and good health it would be nothing, I’d say just take care of yourself and your body. If I would tell a young person something it would be to Be yourself! Never let someone judge you, no matter what.

Margaret Parsons – The Vineyards Resident

Margaret Pennington

DOB: Oct 17, 1922

Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse 20yrs

Enjoy reading, watching documentaries, traveling, climbing,

Wisdom: don’t smoke, it will stunt your growth,

Secret to long living: eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

– Margaret Pennington

Margaret Pennington
Shirley B. – The Vineyards Resident

My name is Shirley B. I am 100yrs old. My birthday is Oct 28th 1922. My 2 favorite things to do is spend time on the beach and snow skiing in the winter, I was always very active and still like to be that way. If I was to give any word of wisdom or advice it is “ you can do it “. My secret to long living is to always be active, have a good heart, and always smile.

Shirley B. – The Vineyards Resident

I am William Pratt “Bill” I am 101 Years old will be 102 this December. If I was to give a Secret to Longevity and Good health it would be to have a good woman, that’ll take care of you and treat you good. (His wife right next to him) One thing I will tell a young person is to always be nice to people, don’t go to bars and don’t drink your life away, put God First and attend church every so often. I was born in Illinois but grew up in Oklahoma, My Father worked in the Oil factory so we moved around a lot , The great depression happened when I was around 10, Families including mine had to work really hard, One memory I have during that time was having to Milk 10 Cows all at once, As years went by I joined the Navy in Kentucky a little after my Brother, we eventually met each other on the Same Ship during Pearl Harbor time, it was hard I’d thought I would almost end my life there, Eventually I joined to Study Submarines, Duties were to go Down into Oceans and look for Enemy Ships and Sink them. I was even voted an Honorary Veteran in 2022, The service is not easy, but you do it for a good cause. A favorite memory of mine is meeting my beautiful wife whom I’ve spent nearly 70 years of my life with. One thing I would say about myself is that I am proud of how my life was, and I got to live through what life gave to me.

William Pratt “Bill” – The Vineyards Resident

William Pratt “Bill”
Elizabeth Marquardt

My name is Elizabeth Marquardt, I am 101 years old, if I had to give everyone a secret to Longevity and good health it would be to exercise, I can say I’ve eaten whatever I wanted, cake, chocolate, all the sweets and bad stuff people think there are nowadays, which did not harm me because I was very active, exercised, Even at the age of 70 I learned how to Square Danced and did that for plenty of years, including Hiking at Yosemite once a week for over 10 years. One thing I’d say is you are never too old to do something, and to always keep your heart pumping. I grew up in LA, but when I was around 10 years old the great depression happened, which was hard, but my parents were keepers and did everything right for us to survive. I was an executive secretary to one of the directors of a NASA center in Mountainview California. I’ve traveled around with my Husband who was in the Service including to England, Germany and Japan. My best advice to a younger Person is to be Honest, always tell the truth! Because if you don’t just know It will always come back to you, and to never be hard on yourself, at this age I look back and feel like I could’ve always done more, but I know that I lived and did my part to be happy.

Elizabeth Marquardt – The Vineyards Resident

Glynda Ward

In our vibrant community, we are privileged to have a remarkable soul amongst us, a centenarian whose wisdom and vitality inspire us all. Meet Glynda, a delightful 100-year-old resident, whose secret to a long and fulfilling life lies in the simple yet profound philosophy of ‘doing something nice to someone each day.’ Her infectious kindness has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on us all, reminding us of the power of compassion. But that’s not all—Glynda also lives by the mantra ‘Don’t deal with Mr. in between,’ a testament to her resilience and positive outlook on life.

What makes her story even more extraordinary is her active involvement in our community. Despite her age, Glynda engages with fellow residents enthusiastically, sharing laughter and camaraderie over friendly games of Pinnacle, Farkle, and Mahjong. Her spirited energy and love for these activities not only keep her mind sharp but also foster a sense of community among us all. We are truly blessed to have Glynda with us, reminding us daily of the joys of kindness and the significance of a positive mindset. Her presence enriches our lives in more ways than we can express, making our community a warmer, happier place for everyone.

Glynda Ward – The Vineyards Resident

Glyna Ward