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Skilled Nursing

Skilled Nursing at The California Armenian Home

The California Armenian Home is a Medicare/Medical Certified facility with 120 skilled beds and 30 residential units in a loving, caring, family-oriented environment. We offer short and long-term nursing services for your loved one, based on their individual need and capability. As part of The Vineyards campus, skilled nursing services are readily available to you or a loved one on a priority basis at any time.

For people outside the Vineyards community with an immediate need for skilled nursing or rehabilitation, we admit all for whom we can provide adequate care regardless of their age, race, religion or national origin. Our culture of care is centered on the belief that all people who need our assistance are treated with consideration, compassion, respect, and full recognition of dignity and individuality.

Numerous volunteers, churches, Ani Guild, Home Guild, and other organizations are endlessly contributing their time to enhance the quality of life for all our residents. Our dedicated staff is meeting the individual needs of our residents with love and compassion on a daily basis.

Call us direct at 559-251-8414 for assistance. 

24-Hour nursing care is provided for all California Armenian Home skilled nursing residents in a home-like environment. Our dedicated, qualified staff of Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants visit the residents on a daily basis to assure their medical needs are met, and they encourage resident socialization, physical therapy and physical activities. Each member of our staff is carefully selected by our Administration to ensure their skills and personal empathy reflect the culture of care that is at the heart of our residential mission to nurture and enrich lives.

rehab1For many individuals, returning home to live independently or with family is the ultimate goal when they check-in. Our dedicated, qualified Rehab staff is very successful in short-term rehabilitation situations. Our entire Rehabilitation Department provides physical, occupational, and speech therapies for those residents who require both short and long-term care.

For a complete description of our Rehabilitation Services, click here.

We understand the importance of a familiar environment in the healing process. We are here for the residents and their families to assist them in coping with medical and social needs while they heal and regain mobility, motor skills and other faculties. Our goal is to ensure they are given the very best care, along with social interaction with family, friends and our staff so they stay motivated, engaged and happy.

dining1Some of our fondest memories can be found around a wonderful meal with friends. The California Armenian Home offers a five-star dining room with healthy menus and meals catering to therapeutic diets, along with personal resident preferences. The importance of a satisfying dining experience helps our residents stay healthy and look forward to engaging with their friends, whenever possible.

It’s a medical fact that activities accelerate resident recovery. The California Armenian Home has created a wide range of social, recreational, and spiritual activities that are available to ensure there is always something to do, from morning coffee and music, to crafts and trips to places of interest. The calendar of events is planned to encourage resident independence and help them maintain an active lifestyle.

Grooming is an important part of a healthy body and mind. Our Beauty Shop is open 3 days a week and offers a full range of services to our residents.