“We set out to design the most luxurious and innovative retirement community in the Central Valley while honoring the 65-year legacy of care and compassion of the California Armenian Home.”

Lucy Kazanjian Grayson, President of the Board of Directors of the California Armenian Home

Best 1 Luci

Lucy K. Grayson

Best 1

Mitch Bagdasarian

Best 1 Board 10

Mary Braa 

Best 1 Board 9

Mary Lou Bagdasarian

Best 1 Board 8

Mike Hannigan
Audit Committee Chairman

Best 1 - Ed

Edward Hokokian
Expansion Committee Chairman

Robert-For Web

Robert Mangasarian
Finance Committee Chairman

Best 1 Margaret

Margaret Tejerian
Audit Committee

Best 1 Board 11

Georgia Sample
Finance Committee

Best 1 Board 5

Steven Shahbazian
Audit Committee

Best 1 Board 1

Varoujan Der Simonian
Board Member

Best 1 Board 3

Richard Aaron, Esq.
Board Attorney