Resident and Family Testimonials

We are pleased to introduce you to Ms. Willie, a Villa resident who moved in exactly two months ago.

“I have lived in the Sunnyside neighborhood for 40 years.

After a health issue and looking around my 2,000 square foot home, I knew I wanted to make a change.

My wonderful financial planner encouraged me to explore different senior communities.  One felt too snobbish. One felt too big.

The day I decided that I was going to make the move to The Vineyards,  I immediately knew I  had made the right decision.

In fact, the day I packed up my car with my first load of boxes and drove over to drop them off, I felt as though a load had been lifted from my shoulders.

I love this area.   Every day I can see the mountains, the sunset, the sunrise.

I love my Villa. It is a quiet little house. The floorplan is awesome.  It is just the perfect size.  It has everything I need. Including the little yard.

It feels like home. It is home!

I just love it!”


Willie V. -

I stayed at The Vineyards in Assisted Living for a bit after a stay in Skilled Nursing then moved back to my home.  But you know,  keeping up with the shopping and cooking and cleaning is just not fun.  Plus it gets lonely.  I am back in a gorgeous third floor apartment with a balcony and I so appreciate the freedom I have now. When I needed my framed art hung and my TV mounted and my computer set up, the Maintenance team took care of it! Easy breezy.

Jerry - The Vineyards Resident

“It’s not an easy time for anyone. My wife and I lived here for over two years now.  We see how hard the management is working on keeping us safe and happy.  That’s a BIG job!  We appreciate them each day.  No one is perfect and we are all in this together.  As a neighborhood, a community…The Vineyards family.”


Cy - The Vineyards Resident

Cheers to Lynn Cunningham
Thank you all for making my Aunt’s move-in so easy.  She is completely moved-in and unpacked.  When I saw her yesterday she told me she was so happy with her decision and it was as if the apartment was made just for her.

Patti, Niece of Lynda Cunningham, Assisted Living Resident -

Joe Sandoval

Meet Mr. Joe Sandoval, a Korean War veteran, loving husband, and father to three adult children. He recently moved into The Vineyards Memory Support residence and enjoys the dining room meals, campus concerts and visits from our local therapy dog club.




Joe Sandoval - Memory Support Resident