RCFE #100400070 | PCOA #319

George Juarez
Executive Director

Ren Ramshaw
Director of Sales & Marketing

Simon Holguin
Skilled-Nursing Administrator

Kirk Steitz
Executive Chef

Leah M. Blanks
Sales Counselor

Mary Anna Davis
Marketing Assistant/Move-In Coordinator

Melinda Arroyo
Director of Assisted Living

David Reimer
Skilled Nursing Executive

Manuel Ruiz
Memory Care Coordinator

Miguel Padilla
Housekeep & Laundry Supervior

Candace Dyer
Business Office Coordinator

Ariel Rios
Maintenance Supervisor

Esta Willman

AACL Reservations

Charlene Garabedian

Ani Guild Contact

Madeline Arakelian, Ani Guild

Home Guild Contact

Frances Tusan, Home Guild