RCFE #100400070 | PCOA #319

Pet Policy

Our pets bring us laughter, joy and a sense of purpose. So naturally, The Vineyards welcomes them into the community as an important part of your family.  Our pet policy allows for 2 pets per villa or apartment, with no size restriction. In addition, please keep these guidelines in mind as you introduce your furry friend to the rest of the community.


The following types of pets are permitted, and each counts
towards the 2-pet limit per household:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Hamsters
  • Songbirds (no wild bird or barn fowl species, please)
  • Rabbits
  • Lizards and other reptiles
  • Fish


For everyone’s safety, vaccines and licenses enforceable by Fresno County must be in effect for all pets that live in or visit The Vineyard’s campus. Collars for dogs and cats, even though they are not allowed to roam unsupervised, are required and must include their rabies tag along with an owner/apartment address/phone number identification tag.


Each resident must agree to keep their pets under control at all times, to avoid disturbing neighbors or disrupting staff duties. You are required to clean up after your pet(s), both inside your home and in all common areas and other parts of the property. You must also agree not to leave pets outdoors or unsupervised in your home for an unreasonable period of time, and to keep pets in appropriate contained areas within your apartment. For example, small reptiles such as lizards should be kept in terrariums and birds should be kept in cages.

Dogs and cats being taken for walks must be on a leash at all times. The exception is within the dog park, where dogs can be off leash during supervised play. For their safety, at no time should you leave your dog unsupervised at the dog park, on your private balcony or patio, or anywhere within The Vineyards property. For cats, you must be aware that some dogs are not cat-friendly and could potentially frighten your cat if they are being walked on a leash within the campus.  Please use caution and introduce your cat to other animals slowly and in a controlled environment before you allow them access outdoors.


Moving and adjusting to a new home can be stressful for your pet(s). We suggest purchasing rental insurance that includes a Pet Clause to help provide financial assistance should your pet cause damage within your apartment, or to any property belonging to The Vineyards’ or another resident.